Gucci Mane Gets Big Break From Probation Judge Shaves 2 years

Gucci Mane gets a huge break in his probation case after a judge decided to shave two years off giving him a free pass.

It’s been well over a year since the Atlanta rapper was released from prison. May 27, 2016, was the exact day that he walked out of prison and his life would make a total transformation. Not only did he lost a bunch of weight and got rip, he also stopped doing drugs and started working in the studio harder than ever and it paid off with a bunch of hits and even earned himself an MTV VMA award with Fifth Harmony last month.

Event though he was free from serving time behind bars, Gucci Mane was placed on probation and currently has two more years to complete that stint. Fortunately for him, he can afford to hire a decent lawyer who recently filed court documents asking a judge to end his probation early. Judge Steve C. Jones accepts Guwop’s attorney’s arguments and approved the motion to end his probation effective September 19, Fader reported. Interestingly, that is the same day that the rapper’s movie The Autobiography of Gucci Mane comes out.

Gucci Mane is currently touring with The Weeknd, but in between his shows, he is busy planning for his upcoming wedding to his fiance Keyshia Ka’oir who he famously proposed to at an Atlanta Hawks game while the whole thing played on the jumbotron. Aside from filming his autobiography, touring, and planning for his wedding, Gucci is also planning to drop a new album coming later this month titled Mr. Davis.

Guwop has been having a big year and will only get bigger going into the fall now that he is free from probation and can move around freely. Everyone has been paying attention and praising him for turning his life around.