Wiz Khalifa Featuring Chevy Woods & Casey Veggies – Gang Gang Lyrics

(Chorus – Wiz Khalifa)
Gang gang, gang gang
Gang gang, gang gang
Gang gang, gang gang
Gang gang, gang gang

(Verse 1 – Chevy Woods)
I’m rolling up that motivation
They don’t never give me no credit
No alerts turned on my phone
So I ain’t get your message
Got these women all in they feelings
Over call backs and all that
Man, tell these hoes that I’m big time
And I’m….fresh, how you love that
That bank card like uh
Rich ni**a, no limit
Top off when it pop off
With her head down, how I’m living
Bi**h, stay out your feelings
Keep it G and get rich
She came over, that’s game over
She here talking with Rich
I told life it’s gold time
And she bow down til it’s lit
Cap’ just call me on FaceTime
While smoking joints with your b**ch
That’s G-A-N-G
Gotta say it two times
20 cents on me
In the party, I got two dimes, for sure

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Casey Veggies)
All these hoes in my phone
They be out to get me
Swear I ain’t really doing nothing wrong
I been going so damn hard
And I ain’t seen it in so long
My legs tired from running game
But I thank God I’m strong
Every day I gotta fight
Cause I’m putting on for my fam
100 mil all in my will
Was always in the plan
Hell yeah, that come with it
I sacrifice for the game
Baby girl, she layed up
From counting dough in my game
Wizzle man, stay getting high
Young Veggies doing the same thing
I ain’t saying no names
All I know is go bang
All these hoes is insane
But all my bi**hes go HAM
Fit them girls in the van
Young Veggies the man
Like 10 years, I’m still riding round with my

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa)
I got all these ni**as screaming gang gang
I got all these ni**as screaming gang gang
Tell me why these ni**as screaming gang gang
I’m the one that got you screaming gang gang
Pop it please, rolling lots of trees, you ain’t coppin these
Mommy these is St. Laurent jeans, now gon and top me
I get pu**y cause I’m popping, car pull up, I drop it
If it’s money then we talk it, if it’s not, you need to stop it
Got a girl but I need options, you like one, take a pic
Love some black girls but this white one looking thick
IG taking flicks, she TD, taking d**k
Khalifa man, take your b**ch, one rule, make me rich

(Repeat Chorus)

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