Mr.Vegas – Nuh Play Pokemon Lyrics

No way wi nuh play pokemon
No way wi nuh play pokemon

Yard man nuh play pokemon
Not even two pon a dice
Which part wi come from

No mi nuh play pokemon
After mi nuh a football man
Play which part wi come from

So wi uh play pokemon
Go ask every gully, every lane, every street
And common
Man nuh try find pokemon
Mi waan find a gyal yes
A suh yaardy man tan

(Verse 1)
Build up mi spliff and a me alone smoke hi
badman nuh joki, joki
Highest grade man nuh pokie cokie
Blessings a fall fi desoke mi
Mi a go seh this out clear unuh port mi
Woman alone mi nuh boatie
The minister fi gyal affair unuh vote mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a play pokemon and right off him van
Kill a woman that wrong
A play pokemon
You cyaa poke Rasta Man
Fire fi that, that wrong
You get up everyday a try find pokemon
A man go find you woman
Well that a if you have one
Are if you even waan one

(Repeat Chorus)