Kalado – Fear Mi (Alkaline Diss) Lyrics

Hey, dem fear mi like a ductor
Dem fear mi like a ductor
Dem fear mi like a ductor
Caw when mi step up, somebody a go wet up
Body drop and cyaa tek up

(Verse 1)
Ask any man a town pon the coaster
Me do the knocking’s, no mocking’a, no toaster
Step out a mi office wid hi long light post
Build up Alkablind like a poster
Action bring the caption closer
Caw me a the action, no medicine, no doser
Married in a the war now a hell dem divorce fa
Alkaline spread out in a the road dem seh a somebody that
No sah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Put 12 in a da one deh cause him naw eight
Dark heart, dark mind a nuh dark ways
Try page, get it back wid a dark ears
Couple lazers mi gi bwoy weh hard ears
Juice in a mi hand nuh goose killer from arcades
Sister cyaa manage shi run in and start fraid
Military train suh mi master the war trade
Deal wid dem dutty like mad man weh naw bathe

(Repeat Chorus)