Demarco Diss Alkaline In “Hot Ni**a Freestyle”

Demarco is taking a few shots at the youngest and the baddest deejay Alkaline.

Marco recently released his new single “Hot Ni**a Freestyle” produced by ZJ Chrome where he called out Alkaline for dissing other veteran artists in dancehall.

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Check out some of the lyrics:

Mi hear some bwoy a seh a Movi or a Octane
And everybody lost him mussi sick in a yo crack brain
Dem fi know seh bun up lock street, lock lane
And every weekend yuh can catch mi pon that place

Black eye bwoy yo mussi waan black rain
Waan style every artist fi get that fame
Talk seh yo mother should a abort yuh and done
Well the whole a Jamaica think the exact same

Do you think Alkaline should respond to Demarco diss.