Masicka – Seh Dem Bad Lyrics

Mi no show man mercy
War get bitter like lime an cirusi
So the nine a kick like Van Persi
Yo mother try warn yo seh pack up an gwaan no
Mover far no, caw the dan, dada might harm yo, corn yo
Hard ears, weh yo waan go grave weh shallow
Gun shot, mi no walk wid chop blade like zaro

Why dem a seh dem bad?
Meck mi tell yo why dem a seh dem bad
Dem have a friend, weh have a friend, weh have a friend
Weh have a gun
Waan fi dis the dan yo mussi mad

(Verse 1)
When Grands Pen seh march
Soldiers step torch
4 machete crass, the tola get laugh
Foes a get shot inna dem heart meck dem fraught
Like soda yeh pass, pass the fiber glass
Road a wreck, dem a lired, run him down till mi tired
Never get a chance fi pop off
So mi bore yo neck wid mi 3 star
Mi fight real war
Gangster no miss, your six feet inna hole
Yo rest, anybwoy waan pick a war your welcome
Tell dem the lane full a shot like wi sell gun
Like cigarette mi ni—- meck shot poison dem lungs
Mack 90 crack mighty like ice killer melt down
Bwoy come a tell mi dem head hot like fire
Shot a clop like fire meck the devil from hell run
Bad from mi well young, buy gun mi no beg none
Mi might no talk but no think the Askel done

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi hear some clown a chat
Some pu–y weh mi si out a road a act
Tell dem seh mi fire mi own a strap
Doma crack, people a run phone a drop
Big ball a fire, neck a buss, skull a drop
Drive up 16 pon mi shoulder top
Damion dem a play the Corolla stop
Bom, bom, bom, a nopo door a knock
All dem big pu–y gyal weh a hoer a drop
Beside a dem, dem deh pon di floor a gap
Dem meck me get dark like 4 o clock
So mi corn dem pu–y a no foul mi shot
Dem a fairy tale bad man Goldie Lox
Mi chigger finger energetic, it don’t relax
Pass the lighter, throw the gas
Execution style dem know mi fross

(Repeat Chorus)