Alkaline – Grow Ruff (Zj Chrome Freestyle) Lyrics

Yow Chrome mi grow ruff
Wild life a so mi go
The herbs keep mi higher that me mean by live it up
The gangster life a weh mi love
Nuff germs and money nuff
Mi try fi PP cent but john crow in a mi blood
Mi no forgive, mi no forget
Straight cash mi no tek cheque
Cyaa deal wid nothing negative so mi low the AIDS test
Gyal dem love mi black eye
Yow man getting it no lie
Plus mi black beemer weh mi drive a red dem eye

Mi tun it up another nash
Dust to dust, and ash to ash
No carry sting mouth stash
No listen when pagans chat
Mi might a flip but mi no flop
One a chrome and one a black
These metals weh mi talk bout a no metal weh fi scrap
Now the thing get primee
Nuff bwoy badmind me
Dem a pree fi mi stop shine
But dem gyal keep me shining
As a gyallis mi wild hee
Which gyal can tie me
Yo cyaa even tie a lace a better yuh go tidy

(Repeat Chorus)