Reggae Star Junior Kelly Launched Personal Website

Ace reggae sing-jay, who is currently touring Europe, states that the majority of the commercial revenue earned from Reggae Music is earned by persons living outside of Jamaica and does not therefore benefit Jamaica. He suggested that “the Jamaican business community including musicians and entertainers who are the exponents of our great music, Reggae Music, should seek to fully capitalize on the use of technology to assist in the promotion and sale of our products and services in order for us and the country to benefit in the long run, as it is full time for us to begin reaping what we sow!!!”

He further noted that “with technology, music can be sold directly to the consumers from right here in Jamaica, with the proceeds coming back to us right here in Jamaica, no middle man such as a record company or distributor needs to be involved and that’s where the trends seem to be going”.

In doing his part to utilize and capitalize on the use of technology in this modern, internet driven age, he has recently hired the services of social media promotions partner, BlastAwayMedia to manage his accounts with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all other social mediums.

BlastAwayMedia has just completed the final touches to Junior Kelly’s official website JUNIORKELLYOFFICIAL.COM which will keep all his fans informed of all the latest news, music, tour dates and will soon have items available for sale such as merchandise, music and memorabilia.