Ciara Denies Dating 50 Cent, “He’s My Best Friend

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R&B singer Ciara has once again deny reports that she is in an intimate relationship with rapper 50 Cent.

The singer who’s promoting her “Basic Instict” album, has long been linked to the G-Unit leader especially after he appeared as her love interest in her “Can’t Leave Em Alone” video.

Ciara set the record straight however when she appeared on the Wendy Williams show Thursday and according to the R&B crooner, Fifty’s not her boyfriend, just her BFF.

“Well, that’s like my best friend – he’s been my best friend for years, so it’s definitely positive energy there. And that’s pretty much the situation.”

When Williams asks her to clarify if the two are “just friends now”, Ciara No.

“No, no no, I didn’t say that so don’t put the story on me, but I am single. I haven’t really had the chance to date over the years, from my relationship with [Bow Wow], so I really just want to take my time – because that’s what it is about…”

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