Nicki Minaj Pays Respect To Lauryn Hill, “I Want To Bow Down & Kiss Her Feet”

Caribbean-American rapper Nicki Minaj recently discussed hip-hop veteran Lauryn Hill making a return to the rap spotlight after a decade hiatus from the music scene. Speaking with radio personality DJ Drama, Minaj talked about her admiration to the renowned Fugees singer.

“It’s like, freaking, I want to bow down and kiss her feet,” Minaj said about the return of Lauryn Hill. “Like, I think everyone in my generation, we look at her as a freaking, and I hate to say this because it sounds kinda blasphemous, she’s almost like a godly-type of creature. It’s not human. So the fact that she’s doing stuff and performing, I think that it’s a great day and I’ve always loved her and I still love her and I always will love her, and that’s about it.”

Minaj recently said she agreed with the comparison to the super talented Hill who is the only person to bring together rap, reggae and r&b to the same voice.