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Cash Money Rapper B.G. Denied Compassionate Release From Prison


Things are not looking good for Cash Money Hot Boy rapper B.G. who has once again been denied a compassionate release from prison. This is the third time that he has been denied release.

The information came to light via VladTV, which stated that a U.S. District Judge decided not to let the New Orleans native get a reduction on his 14-year-prison term. The decision came back relatively quickly as the judge reportedly only took three days to reject the motion.

The appeal itself was written and submitted by another federal prisoner on B.G.’s behalf. According to other information, the motion was entitled, “The Court Misconstrued Defendant’s Motion,” and it focused on the motion that the rapper submitted last year. In that one, he also asked for his sentence to be reduced.

In this latest filing, it was argued that the 2021 letter wasn’t intended to be a legal motion, but instead the “I Need A Hot Girl” artist’s attempt to raise awareness about his displeasure with how his attorney handled a prior compassionate release motion.

The letter also pleaded that the court not only reconsider his release but disregard the 2021 motion. Whatever the case, it simply wasn’t enough to convince U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan to let him go.

According to her reply, B.G. “has offered no new evidence that would affect the Court’s prior decision.”

The same District judge previously rejected a compassionate release petition that included support letters from Birdman, Slim, Wendy Day and Gary Payton Sr. earlier this year.

Birdman and Cash Money Records co-founder previously posted an Instagram update about B.G.’s situation earlier this month and had claimed he’d “be home in a minute,” which now seems to have just been an optimistic outlook. He sighted health concerns as a possible motivating factor.

The “Bling Bling” rapper was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison in connection with guns which were found during a traffic stop in eastern New Orleans over 10 years ago. According to prosecutors at the time, a witness tampering charge was also added after his 2009 arrest. That charge involved his alleged pressure on two other passengers to take the blame for the weapons.

He’s expected to be released on April 7, 2024, from the FCI Herlong in California.