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NBA YoungBoy Says He’s Considering Quitting Rap: “I Lost Love For Music”

NBA Youngboy

NBA YoungBoy is considering retiring from rap even at the young age of 22.

The Baton Rouge rapper is perhaps one of the most talented young artists in hip hop currently, yet often controversial. Despite being confined to house arrest in Utah, NBA YoungBoy is still allowed to be present on social media. On Tuesday night (November 30), he made use of that privilege when he decided to chop it up with fans Clubhouse.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again discussed a wide range of topics, including new music and his Grammy nomination. Perhaps the most surprising revelation from the young rapper is his feelings towards music.

“I lost love for music and it brings too many problems,” YoungBoy said on Clubhouse. “I been waiting to stop making music for about one and a half years.”

The “Life Support” rapper also revealed he recently shot music videos for “Heart and Soul” and “Alligator Walk.”

On the topic of music videos, NBA YoungBoy’s videos recently vanished from his YouTube channel without any explanation.

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

His chart dominance was nothing compared to his YouTube streams, but now NBA YoungBoy has had all of his music videos removed from the streaming site. No explanation has been offered by YouTube or the rapper’s management team, even as he is presently on house arrest and can only work at his home studio.

YoungBoy came up the ranks as a talented 16-year-old rapper, and his fans have been following his journey ever since, despite his run-ins with the law. He was among those artists who built a huge platform and fan base just by having a presence on YouTube even as his music received minimal radio play and his digital streams were still low.

It’s unclear why his music was removed, but some fans say it has been private. A search of his YouTube channel shows no music videos. However, there is some content that remains- audio recordings from projects Sincerely, Kentrell, Top, 38 Baby 2, AI YoungBoy 2, and a few others.

The rapper has 10.1 million subscribers, and he has been previously given the title as the ‘Biggest Artist’ on YouTube by the Wall Street Journal. His following and millions of YouTube views were for his 11 music videos published from 2018 and 2019 only, which surpassed an incredible 100 million views.

Still, YoungBoy is the No. 1 artist on YouTube, trailed by the likes of Young Dolph, Rod Wave, Adele, and Drake.

The changes to his YouTube channel surprised fans who recalled that his manager Alex Junnier complained YouTube didn’t want to support the rapper and his project ‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ because of his criminal cases.

YoungBoy is facing criminal cases in Los Angeles as well as Baton Rouge.

Birdman revealed yesterday that his joint mixtape with YoungBoy, From Tha Bayou, will be released on Friday.