Chet Hanks Gets Head Gash In Fight With Ex Kiana Parker, New Video Shows

A new video shows Chet Hanks, aka Chet Haze, bleeding from his head during a fight with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Palmer

Celebrity couple drama seems to be the order of the day this week. This time the couple is Tom Hanks son Chet Hanks and his now ex-girlfriend Kiana Palmer. The two reportedly shared a very volatile relationship prior to their recent breakup. The pair had their dirty linen aired to the public following the release of a video.

The video, which was obtained by TMZ, shows an altercation with Chet and Kiana. The incident apparently took place at Chet’s home in Sugarland, Texas. Chet can be seen nursing a head wound in the video as blood streams down his face. When the camera then captures Kiana waving a pot at the movie star’s son. Chet later appears in the video and accuses Kiana of charging at him with a knife. Kiana has denied Chet’s claims.

The incident is not the first set of accusations of violence between the pair. In January, Kiana obtained a restraining order against Chet after claiming he “roughed her up” between October 2020 to January of this year. Kiana details an instance where she alleges Chet became angry and grabbed her wrist, throwing her around in an attempt to keep her in a room they were sharing at the Windsor Court hotel as she attempted to leave the room to get food.

Much like Kiana has recently done, Chet Hanks had denied those claims. Kiana further alleges that apart from getting violent with her, he also slurred out racially charged utterances calling her “just a ghetto Black b*tch.”

Chet Hanks files lawsuit

In January, Chet filed a lawsuit stemming from the incident seen on the video now released, which shows him nursing a bloodied face. He alleges the argument started after he broke up with Kiana when he found out she had been stealing from him; in turn racking up huge amounts on his credit card and also making cash off his property. He further mentioned that she arrived with three men, one who was heavily armed. Chet is currently suing her for assault, theft, battery, and also for her to return the money he alleges she stole.

She, however, has a totally different version of how things went down in January, stating that she went by Chet’s house with movers to get her things. She alleges he was bothering her and even grabbed a knife. She, in turn, took up a pot and swung at him to defend herself. Hanks allegedly chased her down the street following her defensive move. Kiana’s lawyer says she is currently under medical care and has tried serving Chet but has not been able to. Reports are she has even reached out to his parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Chet’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has deemed Kiana’s claims “completely false, fabricated and fictional.”