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T.I. & Tiny Harris Accused Sex Trafficking By More Than A Dozen Women

So far 15 women have come forward to accuse rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris of sex trafficking.

T.I. and Tiny Harris are once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. The year has definitely started off on a sour note for the Atlanta-based rapper who in the space of a week has been accused by Atlanta entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson of holding a gun to her head in front of her kids and heavily criticized for playing a character with vitiligo in the RZA directed Netflix movie “Cut Throat City.”

Now there are new worries for the rapper as Peterson is once again on the attack and has accused him of having a history of violence against women and children. She came with receipts too. Peterson compiled stories of the alleged abuse on her Instagram story. She highlighted the stories of at least 15 women. The messages are atrocious and detail a seriously violent history, if true. Some women claimed they were forced to take drugs, while another woman said she was paid about $3000 for her services after being asked to take drugs before having sex with Tip. Even more concerning is that some of the women claim that his wife Tiny is actually the mastermind behind his sexual and abusive escapades.

“He becomes a different person during sex and Tiny is the leader. It’s weird. Exposing the devil is going to be dangerous,” one woman said. Their identities have all been hidden. Another one accused Tiny of being a worse abuser than T.I. while alluding that Tiny forced her to do stimulants like MDMA or “molly,” and cocaine.

When Peterson first accused T.I. of being abusive, she also told followers that she did not press charges or file a police report. She said that her exposing the rapper’s behavior this week is to try to help protect Black women. She is also calling for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to discontinue using the rapper as a positive role model in the community.

Peterson used her Instagram account, @theglamuniversity, and asked women to send in their stories and experiences with T.I. and his wife. Peterson revealed that she’s considering compiling all the messages she’s got to make a documentary about the alleged behavior. T.I. hasn’t responded to any of the claims as yet.