Aspiring Dancehall Star Zinthos Went Viral With “Pesheng Weng Weng”

Dancehall newcomer Zinthos’ song “Pesheng Weng Weng” went viral.

A track that gained viral social media attention when it was first shared because of its catchy but almost nonsensical chorus has continued to grow in popularity. The WEEKEND STAR caught up with the creator of “Pesheng Weng Weng”, Zinthos, who explained more about the song and how it came about.

The song, which was the butt of many memes and social media jokes, has not even been officially released, but it served as a motivator for the young and upcoming artist who admitted he never expected so much attention from a random video clip.

He explained that the high pitched sound of the chorus was made to sound like the gunshots backs in cowboy days. He also said people who live in communities where gunshots are regularly heard would understand the sound better. Zinthos, whose real name is Membert Grizzle, said he had all but given up on music but decided to keep pursuing the art form.


He added that he was resigned to his job as a cleaner in UWI, but after meeting someone named ‘Dindghi the Great,’ he felt inspired to pursue a career in Dancehall. He said the encounter helped him to gain more confidence because, at one point, he did not think music was for him. Since that time, Dindghi the Great has become his manager, and this has armed him with the necessary tools to once again believe in his music career.

His manager helped clothe him and helped him to gain some more exposure. Zinthos then started doing freestyle on Instagram, which he revealed has reached 14000 followers since the video clip became viral. He’s extremely happy with the success of the song because it may be the kickoff point that he needs to truly launch his career.

“A jovial thing and now it a go take on the world. Father God make some things happen sometime innu weh show yuh certain medz because a mi sing the song weh name Welcome Dancehall and say mi wah tun dancehall upside dung and just look wah gwaan now. Is like mi issa prophet,” he told the STAR.

He’s even begun to get calls from producers, which is a good sign that he may have a shot at his dream of becoming a force to be reckoned with in Dancehall. If given a chance, he hopes to bring back some humor in the genre and said he would model his career off the greats like Major Mackerel, Mad Cobra, and Zebra.

Aspiring Dancehall Star Zinthos Went Viral With “Peshen Weng Weng”