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Tupac’s Brother Mopreme Shakur Calls Out Trump Campaign For Disrespectful 2Pac Kamala Stunt

Tupac Shakur’s family is not thrilled by the Trump campaign stunt to embarrass Kamala Harris.

Donald Trump and his affiliates have proven once again that they know no bounds when it comes to disrespect, and the stepbrother of Tupac Shakur has something to say about it. Speaking out after the Trump campaign pulled an extremely distasteful stunt at ‘Pac’s expense, Mopreme Shakur says he is disgusted but not surprised.

The incident that brought Tupac into this messy election season started when vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris accidentally named Tupac as the “best rapper alive” during an interview.

She quickly realized her mistake and excused her slip-up by explaining that to the West Coast, Tupac is always alive in spirit. However, the Trump mob saw the snafu as an opportunity to troll the Biden campaign, leaving a ticket in Tupac’s name at the Vice-Presidential debate last week.

According to TMZ, Mopreme called the move “clearly disrespectful”, but added, “We should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community.” Mopreme went on to use the Trump campaign’s inappropriate spotlight on his family name by suggesting that the president make up for his actions by releasing his father, Mutulu Shakur, from prison. Mutulu was sentenced to sixty years in prison in 1988 for crimes related to a violent bank robbery. Mopreme pointed out that his father has since taken full responsibility for his crimes and used his time behind bars to advocate for non-violence, but he has continued to be denied parole at every opportunity.

As far as the current election is concerned, Mopreme was sure to clarify that neither he nor the Shakur family has any hard feelings towards Kamala for her Tupac error. In fact, he considers the fact that she named ‘Pac as the best alive a testament to her good taste and loyalty to her hometown of Oakland, CA. He also encouraged everyone to register to vote.