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Meek Mill Reveals Mysterious Illness Behind His Dramatic Weight Loss

Meek Mill reveals a mysterious stomach illness as the cause of his recent dramatic weight loss.

On July 4th, fans were shocked by a photo circulating of “Going Bad” rapper Meek Mill. In the photo which was snapped at Teterboro airport, he appeared severely underweight, prompting fans to become concerned about his eating and dieting habits. Some even went as far as clowning him, asking if his weight-loss was due to stress from all the feuds he’s been in. However, the rapper divulged some important news today concerning his health.

Taking to Twitter, he announced that he is battling some stomach issues for which doctors have not been able to offer a diagnosis. He also noted that he needs the expertise of specialists who would be better able to figure out what exactly is going on with his digestive system. “My stomach been messed up for months and the doctors can’t locate the problem! I need some top stomach doctors,” Meek Mill tweeted.

Following his admission, fans have been retweeting past images shared by the rapper showcasing meals he’s had. They were quick to mention that his eating habits are terrible, further advising him to lay off the fries and to quit smoking as well as informing him to find another career path, one with less stress. Another user implored the rapper to get his mental health checked out, citing depression as a possible cause of stomach illness.

We hope he takes some of these suggestions under advisement and is able to find the cause of his stomach illness. Get better soon Meek!