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Nicki Minaj Responds To Lil Nas X Saying Being Gay Was Why He Denied Being A Barb

Lil Nas X says being gay was the reason why he initially denied being a barb and now Nicki Minaj is responding.

The collaborations keep coming for Rap Queen Nicki Minaj despite the COVID summer. Lil Nas X has thrown his cowboy hat in the ring as the latest to reach out for some of that undeniable star power on a single. Newcomer Doja Cat and ultimate troll Tekashi 6ix9ine have enjoyed Billboard # 1’s and broken Youtube records, respectively, for their efforts with the “Chun-Li” rapper. Mr. “Panini” took to his Twitter on Tuesday night to officially make the request and reveal that he’s been a Barb all along.

Nas X catapulted to stardom after his very first single “Old Town Road” shot to the top of the charts in 2019–and stayed there. The folk fusion did so well that it attracted Country Music King Billy Ray Cyrus for the equally successful remix, and it seems the young rapper is ready to record with royalty again. “I have this song I want you on and was wondering…..” he wrote, adding an emoji with a diamond ring to let her know he’s ready to seal the deal. The post was picked up by the Barbz, who never missed a beat and had some questions for the cowboy crooner. Though he still hasn’t received an affirmative answer, he happily cleared up a couple of things for Minaj’s curious fanbase.

The Barbz questioned his current enthusiasm due to his previous joint effort with Cardi B on a track called “Rodeo” from his first album. It turns out that Lil Nas X actually ran a Nicki Minaj stan account for years, a fact kept on the down-low by himself and his record label until he spilled the tea on Tuesday. He cited the controversy around his sexual orientation as the reason for keeping his fandom on the hush:” I didn’t want people to know I was gay tbh.” When pressed on the fact that “being a barb don’t make you gay,” he rightly replied, “it don’t but people will assume if you had an entire fan page dedicated to nicki u are gay, and the rap/ music industry aint exactly built or accepting of gay men as yet.”

The “Old Town Road” rapper speaks facts — as someone who faced backlash after coming out as gay on the last day of Pride Month last year, his point is understandable. Female rappers tend to be embracing their gay fanbase, however, with former Minaj collaborator, Megan Thee Stallion, currently rocking a rainbow hairdo in support of Pride Month and marching alongside fans at a Black Trans Lives Matter protest. Lil Nas X scored a few sympathizers after clearing the air in the now-viral post, so it’s now up to Nicki to confirm whether or not she’ll add some ‘super bass’ to a summer collab. In her song “Freedom,” Minaj said, “people will love you and support you when it’s beneficial.” Time for your thoughts. Is Lil Nas X a “fake opportunist,” or is it all love for Onika?