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Jahmiel Unleash New Chronic Law Diss Track “Quaran Kill’, Law Boss Respond

The battle between Jahmiel from the MVP camp and Chronic Law from the 6IXX camp continues with Jahmiel dropping “Quaran Kill.”

The artistes have been peppering each other with rapid firing lyrics for the better part of the past 3 weeks. This beef has not only led to entertaining bouts for a quarantined audience perched at home craving some action but has also shown that both artistes have proven to be huge tattletales, I guess such is the nature of war.

According to Chronic Law, Jahmiel once rolled around in a Nissan Sunny ‘B-13’ motorcar. While it cannot constitute as a colossal of a diss, it’s still something to show that the Law Boss did some research in a bit to hurt Jahmiel’s ego.

Jahmiel, on the other hand, reached for something a bit deeper, bringing up Chronic Law’s rap-sheet. According to Jahmiel, in his previous effort, “ChipGlock,” the Law Boss was locked away on rape charges. Chronic implored him to stick to the truth instead of opting for lies to boost the lyrical content of his song. Chronic rebuked any such claims of rape when he released “Talk Facts.” However, Jahmiel is persistent and made the rape accusation the core subject discussed in “Quaran Kill.”

A quick study of the cover art for the new track attacks not only Chronic Law, by showing him wearing a mask seemingly made from female underwear, but also takes aim at Vybz Kartel with whom the 6IXX have strong ties.

The Patriotz Boss sticks to his guns about the charges he thinks Chronic Law was slapped with. “Real gangsters name can’t call pon raping thing, inna him own DNA him swim.” He continues a bit further, “Straight facts and him can’t say a lie, a rape case make the p**sy can’t fly.” According to the Law Boss, his was brought in on murder charges.

He also answers Chronic’s claims that he was caught chowing down a burger, “Tell dem a people we murder, that ras ya no believe inna burger.” And once again taking shots at his rival’s weight, “Dem boy de no badder than Great Man, six can’t carry him dem need eight man.”

Jahmiel spills more info claiming that Chronic Law retreated in his battle against dancehall artiste Jahvillani. Some listeners are of the notion that the “Strongest Soldier” singer is trying to tap the Wileside deejay into the battle.

While the track does pack a punch, it still does not sit well with some listeners, presumably 6IXX fans. According to some of the persons leaving comments, the latest release needed a bit more prep time before it was pushed out to the public. Some persons are also of the view that the releases need a bit more heart to ensure longevity.

“No unu leave the bias chat with unu feelings jahmiel a keep up and chronic law doing the same. I’m not disappointed. 2 a them bad but them fi make some of the clash songs become hits like what kartel and Mavado did,” wrote one user.

Chronic Law has since respond to Jamiel with a new diss track of his own titled, “School Dem.”