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Vybz Kartel Lawyer Says Appeal Judgements Handed Down On A Friday

Vybz Kartel’s senior defense attorney has a good feeling about the deejay’s appeal case.

As the incarcerated dancehall icon anxiously awaits his appeal verdict, so does his lawyers. Valerie Neita-Robertson, one of the senior attorneys on Vybz Kartel’s case said while it’s taking a while to hear back from the court, she believes it is “a very good appeal.” The Court of Appeal indicated in a letter to Kartel’s lead attorney, Tom Tavares-Finson, in early December that the process had reached an advanced stage and a decision should be announced soon. Attorney Neita-Robertson is now sharing some more details about the process and what to expect.

“After we present our argument, they have to read it through again. And remember that it is four accused. When they (the judges) have finished writing the judgment and have it printed, they will call all the attorneys and say it is ready,” Neita-Robertson told the Star.

The veteran attorney went on to add that the verdict is usually read on a Friday, which means she would expect to hear a call any time from Monday to Wednesday of the week. However, she did not receive a call this past Monday at the time of her interview.

Robertson also shared her thoughts on the appeal case she and her team presented. “Of course, we are always hopeful. There are no guarantees that a client will be acquitted, but to my mind, it is a very good appeal,” she said. “When they are ready, they will call us. It’s very long, too long. But what can we do but wait.”

I’m sure everyone would agree that this appeal process is taking much longer than what’s considered normal. It is, however, a high profile case, and with all the conspiracies and publicity surrounding it, it’s understandable that the court could be treating it as a sensitive case. If only they would be more sensitive towards the people involved and provide them with an answer.