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Masicka Debut His New Single “Born Winner”

Masicka is a “Born Winner.”

The Genahsyde leader is at it again with ” Born Winner.” Another hardcore banger the deejay holds nothing back in his message. It seems like songs representing reality for the deejay tend to involve girls, guns and money. The dancehall superstar has already released two such tracks this summer, “Living Legend” and “Drugz Lawd.” Masicka seems to be unto something this summer. Instead of complaining about the summers heat Masicka drops the heat from his studio.

“Wanna live it up this summer / Making major league money / Are you aspiring to be rich,” the deejay spits

If your answer is yes to any of those songs then this song is for you. Masicka found another big song “Born Winner” and rolling out inna all Benz all Bimma.” Listen to the new track below.