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50 Cent Celebrates Father’s Day With His Son “Best Friends Forever”

50 Cent and Sire Jackson

50 Cent might be having a change of heart about canceling Father’s Day.

When he is not trolling someone, 50 Cent is showing love to his son on the Gram. The G-Unit leader posted a pic of himself and his son on IG on Father’s Day where he reminded us that he is a good father, although one of his sons will beg to differ. “My little man is my buddy when ever he thinks something not going right he go can you please just call my dad. LOL,” 50 wrote.

50 Cent made the post just moments after he posted a video canceling Father’s Day, saying it is not a real holiday. “Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday,” 50 Cent said. “Even by the commercials. Father’s Day, they show you a screwdriver, mutha****in power tools.”

Fifty was pretty much saying what a lot of fathers have been venting about for a while. Perhaps next year we will call it something else. Nevertheless, a ton of celebrities paid homage to their fathers on Sunday. 50 Cent looks like he is doing a good at fatherhood.

50 Cent’s eldest son, Marquise Jackson, and the rapper have hated each other from as far back the 2000s. The rap titan previously said that he hopes his son got hit by a bus, and intern, his son dropped a diss track. Hopefully, one day, they will fix their relationship and be father and son again.