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Nelly Rape Accuser Says UK Police Treating Her Like A Suspect


Nelly’s rape accuser has turned her attention to the UK police whom she said has been treating her like a suspect.

Nelly legal troubles pertaining to his rape cases are not going away. On Monday, one of his accusers, who remains anonymous, sent a letter to TMZ, via her attorney, outlining her disgruntlement with the Essex Police department. She is pretty much accusing law enforcement officials of treating her like a suspect rather than a victim. The lawyer said in the letter that not only did cops dropped the ball, but also shoves the report back in his client’s face.

The female, known as Jane Doe in the case filing, accused Nelly of sexually assaulting her after one of his concerts in 2017. She claimed that the rap legend masturbates in front of her and then forced his penis in her mouth. Of course, Nelly vehemently denied the allegations.

The letter also outlined that investigators asked “Jane Doe” to turn over all correspondence between herself and her attorney, including phone, text, and email records, as well as, photos. The attorney is saying that request violates attorney-client privilege per United States laws.

“We can confirm we have received communication from a solicitor regarding the case and will be reviewing this investigation and engaging with both parties in due course,” the Essex Police said in a statement.

Additionally, the attorney states that authorities have requested Jane Doe to do a follow-up interview even after she already did one with them. The attorney notes that it took the police department an entire year for Nelly to speak with them. He is pretty much saying that they’re dragging their feet because they’re intimidated by Nelly and his high-powered legal defense team.

Jane Doe has also filed a lawsuit against Nelly. This story is still developing so stay tuned.