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Dancehall Star Savage Going Blind? Artiste Did Emergency Eye Surgery

Dancehall Savage

Dancehall deejay Savage is asking fans to keep him in their prayers.

The deejay revealed over the weekend that he had to undergo emergency surgery on his eyes after two cysts came up on them. “Just had surgery Pray for me plz #culuculudon #savagesavo,” Savage Savo told fans on Instagram. The dancehall deejay added that his eyes are getting better following the surgery while thanking fans for their support.

“Thank God The doctor says it’s Getting better thanks for all your prayers, Paster Woman say the spirit tell her a artist work obia on my eyes WoW I don’t believe that Sh*t god over devil,” he added.

Some folks are suggesting that Savage tried to do an eyeball tattoo similar to what Alkaline allegedly did some years ago, but the deejay is dismissing those reports. His rep told Urban Islandz that he merely had a medication condition through no fault of his own.

“He didn’t do any eye tattoo or anything like that, its simply a medical condition that his doctors took care of that’s all,” his rep said.