Kodak Black “Erykah Badu” Lyrics

Kodak Black new song “Erykah Badu” get the full lyrics below.

(Verse 1)
I’m turned up on a jolly
I will milly rock on any block f***in’ Kodak boppin’
I will hit a ni*** with that Glock, don’t really do no talkin’
I will Diddy bop on any thot, she s*ck me ’till she coughin’
I will let it rip on all of y’all, just try me b**ch I promise
Call me K, I got to always keep the K cause I got knowledge
I be ballin’ like Pheonix, but they say I’m hooked on phonic
You won’t catch a ni*** tweetin’
I be schemin’, I be plottin’
They be leechin’, they be watchin’
She be geekin’ off the molly
Call me K, I got knowledge
Keep the K cause I got knowledge
I be drippin’, I be saucin’
I be limpin’ when I’m walkin’
I’m so f***ed up in the noggin’
I be hearin’ b**ches talkin’
Since I’m always f***in’ eatin’ M’s, wet the cutlass candy
You know I don’t f***in’ give a damn, whack you and your mammy
This is orange, don’t say tangerine cause I will get offended
I want Actavis Promethazine, don’t want that sh*t you sippin’
And believe me, I ain’t conceited
I’m just chillin’, I’m just livin’
And so what if I’m conceited, that’s just me but that’s my business
Remember I was in a sticky one, reality done hit me
Boy these ni***s will make you kill some, they always in they feelings
ni*** what would y’all do, if you could be me for minute
ni*** what would God do, if we can f***in’ switch positions
Aye repeat what you just said cause I was rollin’ when you told me
Can’t believe what you just said b**ch I be [?]
A lil soldier from the Nolia
I can’t stay from out the corner
I don’t care none ’bout these foreigns, I’ll pull up in a ‘Yota
I was raised in a dope hole, posted on the stroll
Put a ni*** in a choke hold ‘fore I sell my soul

(Verse 2)
Can’t keep these b**ches off me
Now my b**ch think I’m trippin’, got her trynna stalk me
Think before I do the sh*t, false move a culprit
Got plans for tomorrow, been a man and [?]
I don’t know you b**ch, let me get your social
Got a power stayin’ bulker and another on commercial
I’ll rather hit the f***in’ plug before I go commercial
Stop that tweet, I’ll murk you
I be geekin’ like I’m Urkle
Crackers came and got my uncle and he wettin’ in December
I’m a come through bouncin’ in that orange, you’ll think I’m Tigger
Project baby grew up in the park, you can call me Tigger
It’s whatever, I’ll rock a fella, and I’m on a jigga
If I ever meet Erykah Badu, I’m a f*** her
If I ever see you out in public, I’m a touch you
Threw a meat, stayin’ busta free, I’ll bust a busta
In a busted bus, ni*** my chair peanut butter
Shawty said that I’m a kid, prolly is cause I’ll [?]
Prolly not, it prolly is, really think that I’ll feed her
I was in the DMV and I was runnin’ up to meet her
Settin’ trends, goin’ Super Saiyan whipped out like Vegeta
In a stolo smokin’ reefer, rockin’ Polo in Adidas
Ridin’ olo with the Nina, I don’t know no ni*** meanor