Mavado – Laugh and Gwan Lyrics

Laugh and gwaan
Mi laugh and gwaan
Mean while dem a live paw mi name
And a talk and gwaan

F**k gyal and laugh and gwaan
Meck money, laugh and gwaan
The f**ker dem broke like bottle meck dem talk and gwaan

(Verse 1)
Mi have a billion dollar paw mi title
Mama seh David the f**ker dem nuh like you
Mi have a million shots fi the rifle
Bomber thick like ?? Beside you
Now a foot deh suh, hand deh suh
Pu**y you shouldn’t meck a man go suh
Mortician is a man dress you
Lied yah suh

Mi still a beat and teach
And school dem
A must the likkle Benz and rent house a fool dem
Pampers a baby stool dem
Fi dem gyal dem have a way a screw dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The pu**y dem a try test mi faith
Tell dem try test the estate
Stay paw mi balcony look paw mi next gate
?? Catch strange fi catch the next rate
A more money, more money
Investment that a sure money
All now mi nuh spend mi show money
And a bwoy waan dead
Mi put a likkle dinner paw you head
The shooter is a winner when you dead
Ly flat pon the ground give him a spread
Give hima bed
The killer laugh and gone
Do the work and pass an gone
Still a meck money when you a embalm
Laugh and gwaan, laugh and gone
Lee Miller dem bwoy deh a nuh killer
More money, more problem
45 solve dem