Demarco – S.I.P Lyrics

(Verse 1)
S.I.P to ma day one
Condolence to the family
Stay strong
Tears still a run from the ray-band
21 gun salute from the waveband
Battlefield deh yah coming like Vietnam
Mi salute every real thugs in a the grave land
Ghetto life a nuh supn weh you make plan
Born in a the ghetto suh a that you haffi stray from

Criminal to many
You a hero to me
Wheel off and empty the skelly
Dawg you a still one a we
R.I.P mi friend
R.I.P mi friend
R.I.P mi friend
One day we’ll meet again

(Verse 2)
Big up every real sheller straight from mi hear
Defend you ghetto a nuh talk wi a talk
The endz nuh have no vibes suh mi gone in a the past
Never miss a memorial fi the boss
Still a pore the liquor fi you anywhere wi floss
Ghetto youths wi have many rivers fi wi cross
Family a ? from wii step in a the mask
Still condolence fi the body dem weh lost

(Repeat Chorus 2X)