I-Octane Ft. Hazard & Deizzle – Louis XIII Lyrics

Hey, money pile up paw money
Pile up money paw money
Hey, look in a mi hand-middle
Money cyaa done hi
Just one phone call dem a run hi

Wi nuh haffi worry
Money pile up paw money
Pile up money paw money
Look in a mi hand middle
Money cyaa done hi
Money hurricane wi a call down hi

(Verse 1)
Hey, man fi rich and the cash load good
25km the gas floor
Plus…..pon the dash board
Our money legally…dollars to back door
Yea wi clothes haffi hot store
And if the card max gwaan cash cause wi got more morey
Rolex from the clock store
Live in a mi suit case dawg mi nuh stop tore

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
One phone call and mi bingo
Connect up, collect up, you know how the thing go
Mi nuh dawg but mi bling suh
And if you naw talk money then you naw talk mi lingo
CIA have all mi info
How mi meck bottle paw bottle pile up like a drinko
Feds waan know weh wi into
Money pile up in a mi pocket tell dem seh fi print more

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Lee Milla, when the tugs dem roll out
And the money bag fold out
Big Benz lay down pon the toll road
Nough a dem a broke pocket and lown mouth
Uptown tell mi weh dem a boast bout
Louis XIII man a pour out
Maypen wi nuh beg no link
Mobay, Rose Mount turn it up meck it sound loud

(Repeat Chorus)