How Kanye West & Teyana Taylor Used Dancehall In ‘Fade’ Video To Break The Internet

Kanye West refers to himself as a creative genius and the world is starting to believe him.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper cast Teyana Taylor, who has a banging body by the way, in his new music video “Fade” and incorporate some dancehall moves. In the below video you can see famous dancehall dance “Bruk Back” on display. The dance move was created by Tamara Graham from OutShine Girls based in Kingston.

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Famed international choreographer Jae Blaze weighed in on the video breaking the internet and highlighting dancehall. But she wants local dancers to get more credit when their craft is used by international artists. In case you’re wondering, Blaze is of Jamaican descent.

“I wish that people would give more credit and exposure to the amazing dancers and dancehall artistes residing in Jamaica right now,” she said. “They’re the ones who are spearheading this,” she said. “This is a culture, and there are people in Jamaica who need to benefit from their music and dance moves being exposed to the rest of the world.”

Kanye West and Teyana Taylor is not the first international artists to used local dance moves and will certainly not be the last. Drake used a few amateur mashup of some dancehall moves in his “Hotline Bling” video and that sent off a social media firestorm of memes.

Taylor says that she merely rehearsed the choreography before shooting the video and a lot of it was pure freestyle. “We were kinda just switching things as we went, adding things as we went,” she told VH1. “It was a good time. I was able to let off some steam and put all my emotions and all my excitement, all my intensity, my hard work that I’ve been giving for so long, I was able to put all of that into that moment in the movement.”

The single “Fade” is featured on Kanye West platinum-selling album “The Life of Pablo,” released back in February.