Bricc Baby – Trap Out the Uber ft. Chris Brown Lyrics

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
I’m trafficking bricks, that X is just how I manoeuvre
Whipping that dope, trapping it right out the Uber
You need that work, get it right to ya
I’mma pull up with the trap, bricks we can trap out the Uber
Bricks we can trap out the Uber, bricks we can trap out the Uber
My ni**as trap out the Uber, smart ni**as trap out the Uber
All of my ni**as is shooters, I just pull up in the Uber
Trap out that Uber, trap out that Uber, the trap gon trap up on me too

(Verse 1 – Bricc Baby)
You need that chicken, you need them pounds
I might just trap out the Uber
Call up my driver, right out the L
Then I’mma bring it right to you
Ni**a I pull up with Ruegers
Ni**a I pull up with Ruegers
You try to ride up, I’ll shoot you
Yeah baby, you gonna shoot you
Ni**a there’s room for that money
Driving that Uber, they get that sniping
Making these bi**hes that icy
I be riding that tummy, I ride with my tummy
I tell em I’ll send them the car, know I ain’t gon pop it
He tell me can’t be
Nig I put the bricks in the trap then back to the trap
And one day, I’m my all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Chris Brown)
I trap with my ni**as from day one
You know my homies is crazy
Better strap up when that day come
My ni**as just no hesitation
Calling the driver to pick me up
I got the pack coming the way
It’s fresh off the stove, you know I cook
Hop in the whip on delay
Sipping, I pack it up, pack it up
Smoking that California, are you high enough?
Sipping codeine but it’s time, are you buying up?
Bi**h shake her booty like she doesn’t give a f***
Man I got pills, man I got weed
Trap out the Uber, sipping codeine
The bi**h wanna know what it’s hitting for
She just wanna f**k with a pretty boy, bi**h

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Bricc Baby)
Why would I not take a Uber?
Why would I take the rich driver?
Hoe wanna drive when they get there
Gone off that codeine and molly
I wish that Uber had more
I take them bricks to the hideout
I Uber flights for your bi**h
I took her on helicopters
Pull up that chopper
Let them hoes know it’s gon bang if you ride
Pull up the trap
Let them hoes f**k, it’s gon bang if you ride
Pull up the Uber
That Uber, that Uber, that getaway driver
Feel like I’m a god
Trafficking bricks and I’m feeling so high

(Repeat Chorus)

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