Demarco – Jacob’s Ladder Lyrics

Dark glass when wi walk pass
Big spliff in a mi mouth caw the law passed
Tell badmind a we a get the last laugh
Move unuh rassclaat

True wi naw beg a dollar
Pon mi name mi see the pu**y dem a gather
Tell dem fi climb pon Jacob’s ladder
Turn back way and bumflick in a you mother

Naw beg dem a dollar
Swear paw mi life, put mi hands up to Jah-Jah
Burn dutty badmind heart like grabber
No bwoy cyaa drake mi in a mi shirt calla

(Verses 1)
You nuh haffi do dem one thing fi dem waan see you fall down
Dem waan you fi bwal but a nuh ball ground
Bare bad wishes dem pu**y deh a call down
Suh wi burn dem every year all round
Naw stretch out mi hand fi you mask round
Mi rather sell seasoning pon a stall town
Dem a watch people things that you call clown
Mi you nuh fi fast round

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a wild boy and a fi mi style that
Wi nuh tek diss, wi nuh tek intimidation
Dawg wi nuh giddy like that
From you violate, intro-tech that a wave in a you face
Dawg wi design that
Tower hill dem quick fi fly bat
Dawg wi higher than fifty pilot
Mi spliff mi light that
Deh yah a pree how dem waan mi family fi buy block

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro & Chorus)