Aidonia – Rude Boy Ting Lyrics

Yow the genna dem get gyal easy
F**k that quick
That a the thing
You know a rude boy thing

Bad girl telling me shi love that thing
That a the thing
You know a rude boy thing

Shi a whine while mi a puff my spliff
That a the thing
You know a rude boy thing

In a you game from you put up that pic
That a the thing
You know a gangsters thing

(Verse 1)
Hey girl mi a beg you likkle punanny
Mi done seet seh you waan me
Coco white benz pick you up about 2 or 3
Then shi back it up like shi deh pon the bugatti

Shi tell mi seh mi hot
A mussi pepper pot
Mi get a gyal easy
Mi never pressure that
Rude boy beat her wid the leather strap
Gyal a play wid the thing and a measure that
Mister tek you gyal a mi dark fella that
Gyal a send money come and a spend allot
Have gyal a fall in a love till dem a drop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Have up a bad bi**h gyal in a the town
Now Sanchi only got the braws on and the draws on
Way shi a move you know shi got the ni**a hard on
Shi deh pon the d**k
Her phone a ring, her man a call her
Him seh baby a wa a gwaan
Shi cyaa talk supn blow a nuh car horn
Then shi grab the supn tight wid fi her hand
And a pull her hair like shi in the beauty salon
Get a new gyal everyday you know mi cyaa calm
Gyal dem love mi bad you know mi drop like a stallion
If mi gyal left you know mi naw bwal
Everyday mi get a new gyal dawg

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)