Ty Dolla $ign ft. Quavo – Long Time Lyrics

(Chorus – Ty Dolla $ign)
I’ve been on my motherf**king grind
For a very, very, long, long time
Yeah, so I deserve to ball like Kobe
For a very, very, long-long time
Yeah, got a bad ori in the back
She said she love me, love me, long, long time
Yeah, and I don’t f**k with no new ni**as
We’ve been homies for a long-long time
Yeah, I’ve been f**king on your bi**h for two hours
That’s a long, long time
Uh, I made her come in two minutes
That’s a very, very, short, short time

(Verse 1 – Ty Dolla $ign)
For our first time
My bi**h keep calling, told her it’s the wrong time
On the west side we say blood not slime
All my ni**as with me, Taylor Gang or die
I just came to bag a bad little bi**h
I’m with some bloods, pirus, and some crips
Took your bi**h and f**ked her in a foreign whip
S**ked my d**k for a new outfit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
You cuffing that ho for a long time
No, no, can’t be waving that bi**h
I took her, only hit her one time
Free my ni**as doing long time
Free my ni**as doing long time
I keep the plug on my phone line brrr
I put the dope in her panties
Pipe it up, that’s a new habit
Dabbing is a way of fashion
Pull up on em like a ladder
I got a strap in my jacket
She f**king me, she gon keep bragging
Million dollars in the mansion
I wake up, she cooking me breakfast
I get the pack, audios
Shoutout to my migos in the
Which one of you ni**as wanna play a ghost
I pull out the Lamb, pull up in the Ghost
30k for the Migo, the host
Ice on my neck and I ice out my
Long time going down that road

(Repeat Chorus)