A$AP Rocky – Phantogram (Freestyle) Lyrics

Marble floors, foreign whores, finna order more
Play that French Montana song, the one with Ross, Haaan!
Ordered new Raf, it ain’t from the store
Came with a piece, banging piece if it come to war
She taking something off, what you stunting for?
Fix your WonderBra, my style is rubbing off
Swear that pu**y outrageous if I’m in it raw
Out in London Town painting all the wonderwalls
Yeah I’m underdog, spring, summer, fall
Ni**as run to law, gun in drawers, getting bundles off
Taking trips to Baltimore, with the raw, door to door
Fender boss, want the vintage Porsche with the oven doors
I just wanna have a little fun with y’all
But on the real, no, I kill folk
Growing up I had a best friend who used to mail coke
Successful with the s**t until the day they heard the sailboat
My other partner got a million dollars and he’s still broke
My thot a primadonna and she whining cause her nail broke
Ni**as coming at me sideways like they hell broke
And I’m just glad I ain’t ever gotta deal dope
Cause the vision was this tradition and pants
Whole squad in this bi**h, all we missing is Yams

Caught a wish and got bi**hes in France
Chain swing, see the king and they kissing my hand