Tommy Lee Sparta – Spartan Party Lyrics

One more a the day pon dem
Thank you God fi save mi life
The gyal dem dash weh in a the club like nothing
Mi seet clear some people now a days
Waan mash up the party vibes
But father God just naw meck that happen

Hennessy rich in a mi cup mi nuh want hi pore
Bartender hold a shearer nuh say no more
Gyal a bruk out like dem never before
Mi lord senorita, mi amor
Mi lock down wid a gyal from Singapore
Nuh true shi climb mi, that nuh mean shi a hoes
Kick weh the bar, call mi Theodore
Party nice you nuh seet seh mi happy oh

Gyal a whine up in her short up
And wi a spend cash
Wi a go harder
Mi touch down in a Mobay
A two browning in a mi van
Fly through Negril
Pick up a next one
Mi have a likkle Spartan party
Have a likkle Spartan party