Christopher Martin – Pirate Of The Caribbean Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This is not my city am just visiting
Am just pillage in the villages
I see two pretty diamonds that I want
I know they gonna give it up
Beautiful girls are my treasure
Looting their hearts is my pleasure
I’ve sail across the seven seas
But this is my territory

Cause am a pirate
Pirate of the Caribbean
Yea I’m a pirate
Pirate of the Caribbean
And I’m the sharpest of blade
Anytime I crusade

Am a pirate, pirate of the Caribbean

(Verse 2)
Mi slicker than Jack Sparrow
Mi rougher than black Baird
A my style dem barrow
From Henry Morgan days
Out a Port Royal weh the ship dem dock
Dem know a trouble from the sails dem black
Worst when dem see the skull and bones pon that
From the gyal dem hot man a go launch an attack

(Repeat Chorus 2X)