Munga – Murda Smaddy Lyrics

Mi nuh waan murder somebody
Meck mi knock hi wid clean
Waan count cash in a mi hands till it green
Wa happen to dem? Dem seh dem haffi list in
Waan mi go fi the 16

Mi nuh waan murder somebody
Murder somebody
Meck yo friend dem haffi search fi you body

(Verse 1)
Mi wi murder somebody
Murder somebody
Nuh f**k round the family
Nuh play round the money

Cause wi nuh trouble people
Suh wa dem trouble we fa
Trouble dem a look and a gi trouble see yah
Nine it a echo but a nuh repeater
Brain a fly to the sky without no visa
Ants Man badmind couldn’t stop da youth yah
Dem have a better chance if dem try stop a Juta
Luiji seh virus in a dem computer
So if dem feel like fi give trouble wi have a trouble shooter

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ovally paranoid so mi ever strap
Never dead, mi survive though mi get a chop
Money haffi stock pile
You cyaa dis JJ everfross
Somebody warn dem, warn dem, warn dem
Warn dem, tell dem please
Show dem seh wi cyaa ride dem off

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)