Seanizzle – You A Wife Lyrics

Gyal you a wife
No gyal cyaa tek you space
Walk out in a the video
No hole in a yo face

You a wife, no gyal cyaa tek you spot
Any man you give the supn yes him haffi come back
Model and pop style pon you mate
If shi just a hear da song yah tell her seh it too late

You a wife, no gyal cyaa tek you space
Go deh mi gyal no tree nuh grow in a yo face

(Verse 1)
You have the city lock
Suh pat yo pretty kitty cat
Yo breast nuh long down
When you a run it naw lick you back
Body firm and you belly nuh long down
Three pickney you get, you look like you nuh have none
No man nuh use you like seh you a condom
That a supn weh you know seh you nuh condone
You nuh have no gyal a kotch in a yo house
Strictly you no gyal could never run down

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Modeling a gwaan
But some gyal nuh happen
Only down town some gyal know how fi shopping
Dem nuh know bout ballmain, Anzaline from Manhattan
Yo man love you bad and him nuh ramp fi spoil you rotten
First class a weh you thing deh
Second hand you fling weh
Yo house nuh dutty gyal
No rat nuh run up in deh
You no man nuh trick and bring weh
A Seanizzle this and mi a sing seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)