JHENÉ AIKO – B’s & H’s Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You are such a man
You got the whole world in your hands
But you be playing
F**king all the girls she can’t stand

Bi**hes and hoes
So many bi**hes and hoes
But they don’t know
I bet they don’t even know, oh
That you live in her home
Eating all of her food
She be paying your bills
Buying all of your clothes
And she pay for your phone
You be thinking you on
With your ain’t s**t friends
Did you pick up your kids?
She be watching your kids

You gon f**k around and find out
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, you gon’ f**k around and find out
You gon f**k around and find out

(Verse 2)
It does not get better
You cannot do better
And you will regret it
Oh yeah, you gon f**k around and find yourself by yourself
Find yourself, that might help
Traded it all in for, messing with all of your

(Repeat Chorus & Post Chorus)

You got, you got so
You got so many, you got so many
You got too many, you got too many
You got soft
That type of s**t you be doing
That’s some weak s**t that you on
These bi**hes don’t got no feelings
They don’t got no senses
They don’t got no soul, don’t got no soul
You know that I’m right and you know that you wrong
Running round loving these hoes
Running round thinking these women is at your disposal
That is a no-no-no
Just so you know, know, know
There is a difference between a woman, a bi**h, and a hoe-oh-oh
Switch up the flow-ow-ow
Ni**as, let’s talk about all these ni**as
They be the main ones be tripping
They be the main ones be acting like bi**hes and hoes
Yeah you know that I know
Off the top of the dome
Better than any bi**h that came before me
Who are you kidding? Your whole swag is stolen
You know that you owe me
Yeah I am the only one, I am the chosen one
Yeah, I am the chosen one