Deablo (Govana) x Craig (Voicemail) – We Ride (Til We Die) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
But it’s not about dem
It’s about US
Not about friends
It’s about trust
All dem a talk just keep you focus
Cause you know you a the… a the lotus
Skin pretty like you born in a cold dust
Pretty cute face, no bumps, no cuts
Beautiful smile girl that’s a bonus
Me and you to the end
Love you girl

Till I die, till I die
You and I forever
You and I till I die
You and I forever

Girl ride with me
Lets take it away privately
You and I eyes will see
True love will never die
Together we will rise

(Verse 2)
Always by my side
Always got mi back
Mi ride or die chick the world can see that
A she have mi heart the key fi the lock
That’s why pon yo finger mi put the rock
Some gyal only get one night pon the block
Laugh wid yo self and smile when dem chat
Caw you in a mi thoughts seven days a the week
24/7 gyal right round the clock

(Repeat Chorus)