Juicy J – Re Up Money Lyrics

That re up money, that re up money
Out here flossing in the club with that re up money
That re up money, that re up money
Acting like you run the hood with that re up money
That re up money, that re up money
Ratchet bi**hes wanna f**k you for that re up money
That re up money, that re up money
Now you done crossed the plug for that re up money

(Verse 1)
Out here in this f**king field, acting like your pockets filled
I’ma keep it real, that re up money gon get you killed
You ain’t even fit the keys, you ain’t even pay the bill
You can’t even save a bill, how is you gon make a mill
You done spend the re up ni**a how the f**k you real
Ni**as don’t play by that re up, that sh*t get you killed
You took that work on cosigner, better make a deal
Better get it back in time or you gon need to steal
I get it, I spend it and get it right back
You ni**as don’t get it like that
I hit it, I put it and then I be gone
The moment that bi**h get attached
I swear I’m just telling you facts
You know a ni**a got a lot of racks
If a ni**a didn’t rap, I probably be moving a whole lot of packs

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
That re up money, better pay these ni**as every cent
Re up money worth more than your rent
Ni**as ain’t playing if
And you ain’t got that money but you out here stunting
Damn little homie you must not be thankful
You rode off with that sack and put your mind on danger
Posted all that cash on snapchat, what a great idea
You ain’t spent that bread, better make it re appear
You ain’t got that re up, better rob, steal and kill
Better go handle that tab fore they run up in your crib
Flexing on the internet, taking pictures for the grand ring car, showing off
Now them ni**as at the door with them choppers loaded up and they going off for that

(Repeat Chorus)