Ty Dolla $ign – Blasé remix ft. A$AP Ferg, French Montana, Future & T.I. Lyrics

(Intro – French Montana)
What up, Ty?
You already know what it is when you hear that
Hannh, Free TC
Free Max B
This that remix

(Chorus – Future & Ty Dolla $ign)
Ordered up a hundred rosés, need a Benz like blasé, blasé
I’m just, whipping Maserati, skurr-skurr-skurr-skurr
I’m just, blasé, blasé
I’m just, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé
Ordered up a hundred bottles in the club like blasé, blasé
Whipping Maserati, skurr-skurr-skurr-skurr
Ohh, blasé, blasé, blasé, yeah, yeah

(Verse 1 – T.I.)
F**k that Blasé, I give these hoes nothing but heartache
Run with killers from Haiti, sak pase
Got my top down on the highway, we running
Do anything but what I say, we gunning
So, you better go on with the woopdy woop
But, s**t, the only thing that you shooting is hoops
See when you make music, you exclude the troops
It’s hard to tell who’s who and you confused
But anyway, on another day, I’m in LA
With a bi**h who probably thought we’re too cute to boot
In a big coupe, shorty high as a fool
Moon rock, got her high, doing loopty loops
Chilling with a thick bi**h, had to kick back
Made her roll a backwood then she lit that
I’ll let her smoke half of it, then I hit that
Ha Yeah, and then a blunt was next
Cardio on a bankroll, running a check
We the Bankroll Mob, ain’t no f**king with that
And we don’t want know excuses we just wanted the stacks
With some rubber bands on it, pull it out a duffle bag
Here, try to pour this s**t, you can’t
Best believe ain’t no breaking the bank
Ain’t no shaking me off, best not put your faith
In a f**k ni**a cause they can be bought

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – French Montana)
I’m a shooter, Luca Brasi, hundred-fifty on my body
Now Roberta went Cavali, I be pimping like I’m Scotty
I just copped a hundred bottles, got me tipsy, blasé, blasé
Pull up, Maserati, kamikaze, shower posse
Got that Shmoney like I’m Bobby, in that Gotti like I’m Gotti
She gon bust it open sideways, I ain’t gotta slip her molly
I’m a don, ni**a, hundred on the charm, get a hundred
On the arm, G5 through the storm, Montana!
Since they gone, they’ll run up on us, blasé, blasé
I be looking at these jewels, I can tell that’s blasé, blasé
Now, she says she got a man, bet she talking blasé, blasé
Cause I met her on a Thursday and I f**ked her on the Friday

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – A$AP Ferg)
Been a minute but I’m back now, I know everybody need me
All this music getting wack now, ain’t nobody wanna see me
To the critics I say blasé, hating ni**as, I say blasé
Middle fingers to you f**k ni**as, why you wanna rain on my parade?
Let me get me up in heaven now, man, I promise not to let em down
I’m getting hotter than a kettle now, oh man, I’m on a different level now
Man, I told these ni**as how to style, may all these ni**as have the style
I’m your favorite rapper, favorite rapper, even got that ni**a dressing better now
Shoutout to all of the A$APs, me and Ty Dolla go way back
Did a tour with Khalifa when I used to smoke the cheba
P and J’s with the pizza, had a pocket full of peanuts
Now a ni**a living better, pocket full of cheddar and you wanna be us
It’s true!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Future)
Alcohol and chronic, yeah that’s all we want
Alcohol and chronic, yeah that’s all we want
Alcohol and chronic, yeah that’s all we want
Alcohol and chronic, yeah that’s all we want
That’s all we want
That’s all we want
That’s all we want
That’s all we want