Migos – I Told You Lyrics

I told em all, I told em
I told em all, I told em
I told you

I told you, that the Migos on top
I told you, that we gon get that guap
We told you, money coming in strong
You know we told you, you know we never gonna fall
You know we show em, now it’s time to show you all
Yeah, we showed em, now it’s time to show em all
You know I told you, I told em all, I told you
You know I told you, I told em all, I told em, told you

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
I told em all, so you know I gotta show them, showed you
Put the Migo gang on my back, on my shoulders, Migo gang
I know my ni**as gon attack like vultures
I told em that we gonna take the game over
Young ni**a from the north side, trying to make a hundred mil at the right time
If you wanna try pull out something that’ll open your eyes
Open your mind, open your mind, it’s chopper time
I told them we independent, ni**a, I don’t wanna sign

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Offset)
You know I told you, you know I told you
We blew up like balloons, we blew up like balloons
They thought I was a fool, they thought I was a fool
Young ni**a
My money good, my money good
Had to jump over the obstacle, they couldn’t believe it, impossible
We number one, nobody stopping us, you and me, total opposite
I ain’t going back to zero, I got a bald head just like Ne-Yo
I told you ni**as I ain’t going broke, a million dollars and a million more

(Repeat Chorus)