Machine Gun Kelly – Everyday Lyrics

I’m facing problems everyday
I can’t solve em everyday
They want the truth everyday
I’m being honest everyday
I wake up everyday
Smoke this blunt everyday
Go to work everyday
To make a buck everyday
This one for the boy who grew up
Trying to feed his family everyday
Everyday, everyday, everyday
This one for the girl who’s feeling lost
Because she’s trying to find a way

(Verse 1)
This verse is for my
People on the grind
Going to sleep at 2
Clocking in at 9
Trying to go to school
That’s why you’re at the job
Ask me what to do
When you’re reaching for the stars
Everybody scared of a little change
Thats why I’m always looking out for the little things
You should never be ashamed of a little fame
Even Bill Gates back then had a little name
I’m just saying
Y’all know what it’s like when them lights go off in the condo
Need a break from the bullsh*t pronto
Spend your last check on a trip to Chicago
And see your favorite band on the stage again
In your favorite shirt that you made for them
They play the song and you sang with them
Because music heals the soul
And that moment’s there so take it in
Before you’re back in that place again
In the uniform that you hate again
Man this freedom for the world

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I can’t afford to go to jail
Moms’ putting their houses up for bail
Court stressed me out
Thinking I need a better route
But all these hoes laugh when I’m ashy
And them boys rob if I’m flashy
And them older folks see my tattoos in their offices and low class me
Man I don’t know what I’m suppose to do
My family is not the Huxtables
I’m just trying to keep my life together
Without breaking all the rules
So I say like five prayers everyday
Until my sins wear away
Let that smoke in meditate
And just chill
Thinking about better days
No more late night belly aches
Use this food for thought everyday
So i will

(Repeat Chorus)