O.T. Genasis ft. The Game – Homies Lyrics

(Verse 1 – O.T. Genasis)
My momma told me never go out after 9
F**k that time cause I have me a 9
Watch the homie cook that zone in the kitchen
357 with a nose like dipping
I always ask can I go to my granny house
It’s easier to send em bands out
I never got time for my bi**h cause I’m boned
I’m with the homies, so she think I’m doing wrong
She say…cause they might hit me up
I’m looking at this bi**h like I don’t give a f**k
Burner on my hip, yeah a light for a thug
All my homies bang, I just wanna sell drugs
My homie locked up, popped a ni**a in the room
The way the s**t go, I might see him soon
Hallow tip, .44 Mag
Brains out a pocket, make em look like it’s
I’m f**king with the homies

(Chorus – O.T. Genasis)
Ain’t got time for a bi**h, 39 in a clip
I’m f**king with the homies
My bi**h tryna stress me out
I’m bout to leave, bi**h let me out
I’m f**king with the homies
Turning up on a block, get yo ass by the cops
Ride for my ni**as, die for my ni**as

(Verse 2 – Game)
I’m f**king with the homies, and I’m lucky to be alive cause my blocks tryna dome me
I got this .90, selling this bi**h for half off, who f**king with the homie
Chilling with the brodies, blowing on this dody
Hit the park whipping on these YG’s like Jodye
554, see the block if you know me
I was there at the bounty jail with
Fresh out, hit the
Fat red
I got my whole hood tatted
Who we busting at tonight?
It don’t matter cause I’m f**king with the homies

(Repeat Chorus)