I don’t really deal with emotional ni**as
I don’t really deal with emotional ni**as
These too emotional, emotional, ni**as
These too emotional, emotional, ni**as

(Verse 1 – Sanaa Lathan)
Damn why you call so early?
Always tryna check up on me
Silent on, and still message to me
If you keep it up, you’ll never know me
Fall back, and let him miss you
Get it while he wanna get ya
I just want to let you know
You acting like these other hoes
Be strong boy you can take control
Pull my hand and win me over
Be a fighter, be a soldier
Keep that sh*t around my shoulder
Take my pay day all on me
You got control, take the lead
Be a man, that’s what I need
Baby don’t you still want me?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – DeJ Loaf)
Nah, girl these ni**as softer than cotton
I tell em nah I ain’t easy I ain’t straight outta compton
I’m from the D, I need the D
Got some pu**y-pu**yboy always stressing me
I tell him f**k me good, put that weight on me
You f**king with a boss that’s what they labeled me
I rather weigh out my options
You didn’t deserve how I used to call you daddy or papi
Pulling out them cusso bends
Ask me did I f**k his friends
No he your mans, s**t I might of did
You gotta understand this the life I live
Yea he your mans, but he ain’t your friend
You be tripping off my homies, trippin off my fans
Baby you gotta chill if you want the chez
I can’t let emotions show, tryna build my bread
Yeah, yeah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)