Tanso Ft. Jayds – F**kin Hell Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Talk it wid extension
A the long name yo mention
Bombohole better pray fi protection
Like door in a yo face weh the tek slam
No paa yo place like exam

Yo waste time and a text man
Me hap out a the bread van
AR15 mi squeeze wid mi lef hand
Yo full a swag blood stain up yo guest bran
Everything turn in to a dead man

Chris slicy never herd a mi
No Chinese swag
Caw no chine burglary
Look in a mi face know weh a murder bi
Toolade gunshot a stitch yo like surgery
Man a dan like how a dan sir got hi
Mi no bad part time, mi bad eternally
No verbally a the K from Germany
Meck yo walk stagger like yo burn Mally

Big yard ever have the gun when we rolling out
While dem still deh a gun class
Wi a thump shot in a some likkle pu–y mouth
Kemis nah wait till him done talk
Police dem a drive down fast
But wi fire shot in a the front glass
Meck head turn like compass
Car catch a fire like burn grass

(Verse 2)
Malso park up
Rifle mi claat up
Gunshot a crash in a yo face and a park up
Bwoy stuck like car weh cyaa start up
Shot bun skin like salt up in a raw cut
Fat 40 weh well fiber glass up
Head buss in a two like when tree laught cut
Send bwoy paw ice body frost up
No nine night, no run floss up

My gun no rust caw the chrome genuine
Fat shot ladge in a yo chrome head a spin
Mack 90 vibrate like a phone cell a ring
Find the body wid the john crow dem on him
Gunshot change yo skin tone melanin
Find yo friend in a him own bed a spin
To how wi evil, anytime wi kill people
Said that’s more than a sin

(Repeat Chorus 2X)