Ryme Minista & Shawna – Ready Lyrics

Love you boo
I love you too
I wanna hug you boo
I wanna hug you too

I cherish you
No, a me cherish you
Because you do anything mi tell you seh fi do

Ready, body ready fi the storming
Mi ready, marathon a run until a morning

(Verse 1)
Tek a deep breath
It’s gonna be a long ride
Wi nuh sleep yet
Because wi f**k all night
Baby if you give it weh
Mi know mi surely wi fight
Meck mi tell you a secret
Secret, love how the pu**y tight, right

Love when mi hood in a yo belly gyal it feel like heaven
Gyal yo pu**y tight, tight, tight, like a me a yo man

Mi love hi when mi sit down pon top
Suh mi turn it back way babe
Mi feel the current run in a mi belly

(Verse 2)
Feel up mi nipple, love when you rub mi down
Meck mi buss a slow whine, feel better when mi come
And when mi try fi run, love when you hold mi down
Put mi pon c**k like a gun, nuh run

Tek a seat and sit down, mi beat it like drum
Till the pu**y draw num
Under one floss a rum, mi love how you hum, cum

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)