Jayds – Di Law Lyrics

Wi nuh follow the laws
Left body stink like sh**t in the grass
Da glock yah nuh pause
It knock like a applause
Yo fret and a piss up yo drws

Because you si mi in a camouflage march
Yo family get sabotage mi laugh
Meck you disappear like a
Mi and mi friend dem a floss kiroff

(Verse 1)
Go paw yo endz, blast it off
Squeeze chigger pon the glock 40 fast
Shot up yo don who well waan be boss
Then party like mi deh mardy graph
You nuh haffi ask
Me murder nuff man already
Suh da one yah naw be last
Kill him and shot up him shorty ass
Mi past the task
Inferred shine in a dem face Rudolph nose
Two man froze cyaa move shoes and toes
Si mi and a scream like a group of foes
Shoot one close just meck two black ghost
Who that pose dead in a the new brand clothe
Rifle a spray endz like a blue long hose
Everything dead all who God knows
Go the nine night nam food and toast

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem a wannabee gangster
Mi nuh ask question me answer
Drive by in a the Mitsubishi Lancer
Kill yo general bwoy endz get conker
Prime time news pon the tv plasma
Bwoy mother move like shi a catch hamsa
AK heavy like anchor
Magnum come from Sri Lanka
That buss out yo head pon yo varanda
Gunshot burn yo skin like ganja
Then scream out loud like Andrea
And Sandra, and Amanda
Informer dead cyaa spread propaganda
No evidence babylone wonder
Like dema try find the cure fi cancer
Mi run out like a big scary monster

(Repeat Chorus 2X)