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Nicki Minaj Says Her Relationship With Meek Mill Is Real Life Love & Hip Hop

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill are living a real life Love and Hip Hop episode, according to the Trinidadian rapper. Will we see a love and hip hop: Omeeka show in the future?

Nicki is putting her relationship with Meek on full display for the world to see despite getting some backlash from some of her fans who are saying that she never treated her ex-boyfriend Safaree the same.

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The Young Money femcee is telling her people that she and Meek are crazy in love and are the next big power couple in hip hop.

“She (Nicki Minaj) definitely think that they are the next Beyonce and Jay Z especially with Meek’s new number one album and tickets for their tour this summer are really selling out fast,” sources told us.

“They both think that their relationship is the real life love and hip hop,” our sources added.

Nicki and Meek Mill

Our source also told us that Nicki and Meek have found a way to tune out their haters and are working hard to make their relationship work.

“Like any power couple in the game they have plenty of haters who are rooting for their relationship to fail but they have a way of tuning out these haters. They are genuinely in love and are working hard to prove those haters wrong and make their relationship work,” our source said.

Nicki Minaj All Eyes On You

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill recently collaborated on his Dreams Worth More Than Money single “All Eyes On You” that also features Chris Brown.

The couple is currently shooting the music video for that song. The “Only” rapper also shared a couple of photos from the shoot on her Instagram page.

Nicki and Meek has also responded to their recent rumors with the Philly emcee saying that he wish that she was pregnant.

“Nicki ain’t pregnant, but I wish,” he said during an interview.

The Young Money rap diva responded to Meek’s statement via Twitter saying that she has to get married first.

Do you think that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill relationship are real life love and hip hop?

Sound off in comments below.



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  2. I think you guys are lovely together. Yes i think they can do big things in life and the industry..

  3. Whether it works or not it’s a very smart business move.

  4. Tiffanie Barnes

    Who cares really and not on a hater way of speaking….it’s just being in the spotlight everyone is in ur bizz constantly so why make it news if it’s a real united bond who gives two shakes wut ppl sayin or wut nxt “power” couple you wanna be like so let it rock, Nikki and Meek you two need to just do you feel me understand you are gonna catch shade so f–k’em wish you two the very best

  5. I think a lot of people just don’t like Meek, I love these 2 together & really if their happy its really no one else’s business. Congratulations you 2… I wish you a long happy life together

  6. Well safaree never really had a status such as meek so it would be Nicki and the “other guy ” kinda feeling relationship feel me

  7. I like Nikki but what I don’t understand is why showcase your love for meek,but safaree no-one knew. I honestly feel that Nikki didn’t want to share him with the world period. I wish you and meek the best,but if she really feels that she’s bless and moved on then the next big event other then bet you won’t stop safaree from doing his thing because he is just as good as you and meek .

  8. Thrill by no seekers

    If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, it’s not. No one can judge.

  9. Their relationship is definitely REAL, they been crushing on each other since 2013 and I really hope their relationship can go far, love them together, people shouldn’t hate but it’s true that haters are going to hate.

    • He was just talking to k Michelle, tricki only been sucking him sence mid december 2014 after his release!

  10. This relationship will not last and Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are not love and hip hop. She is a user and clearly Meek is a rebound guy.